Thomas Behne     Journalist (DJV)

PR Portfolio represents a customer orientated alliance of PR experts, text writers,
translators, editors of specialist publications, graphic designers, photographers, and lithographs. We look after our clients 24*7!

We compile, edit and illustrate texts for annual reports, corporate representations,
press releases, reports, customer magazines, internal and external newsletters,
advertising, and websites in English and foreign languages.

Our particular strengths include among many others: automation technology, auto-
motive and vehicle industries, control/measurement, information technology,
machine and equipment manufacture, plastics industry, printing machine construc-
tion, steel production.

Targeted conventional postal as well as electronic distribution of PR and advertising
material according to our clients' individual requirements is our bread and butter.
We pride ourselves in maintaining well established contacts with national and inter-
national publishing houses and their editors. The organisation and presentation of
press conferences is a vital core activity in our portfolio.